Liq is one of the largest companies in Latin America offering solutions in customer relationship management (CRM) and business process outsourcing (BPO). The Company operates in an integrated manner, offering on-line and off-line solutions, following consumers’ journey in all relationship channels, whether through face-to-face channels, such as physical stores, or remote channels, such as social networks, voice, messaging apps and chats.

The Company has a broad portfolio of products and services that can be contracted on an individual basis, or integrated in a multi-channel structure, fulfilling our clients’ needs based on their business characteristics.

Across all services, the Company acts in a consultative and customized fashion, allowing the customization of the relationship channels and the optimization of processes. This knowledge, amassed since our inception, is continually incorporated into systems and processes that allow the Company to operate the relationship channels efficiently and with quality, improving the operations’ margins.

The Company uses Trade Marketing solutions to operate in face-to-face relationship channels by offering services on the point of sale, enhancing multi-channel service and enabling interactions such as the sale and promotion of products and services for its customers in stores and retail chains. In addition, Liq provides Information Technology and Communication services, that support its core business, from the development of projects and solutions to the partial or complete outsourcing of the technological environment of a call center.

The rendering of services is supported by a modern infrastructure enabling service for large-sized clients and the adaptation to the demands of inspection agencies in regulated industries, one of the Company’s main assets is a deep know-how in providing CRM and BPO services.

The Company stands out for providing complete BPO CRM solutions for large companies from different segments of Brazil. These clients, due to their business size, need to commission a high number of WS, therefore it is pivotal that this service be provided by companies capable of (i) offering a high number of workstations; (ii) maintaining and operating an IT structure that can handle the volume of directed calls, in compliance with legal demands such as the recording of calls; (iii) adequately integrating their systems with the clients’ systems; (iv) managing the operation: training of personnel, turnover, overtime work, work shifts, etc. With relatively few players in the market capable of offering these solutions in large volumes, the Company becomes a fundamental partner and a strategic alternative for these clients.


15.7 ths installed WS
in more than
110.5 ths m2built area

Santo Amaro Operational unit: city of Recife