Among the main products and services offered by the Company, are:

Customer Services.

The customer service solutions are aimed at ensuring the excellence of the operations and the understanding of the reasons why consumers make contact. The Company has several channels to serve, understand and please the consumer of its clients. The telephone service may be on a personal basis, done by qualified professionals; on an electronic basis via IVR (Interactive Voice Response); and online, where contact is made on social media, email, chat, assisted navigation or VoIP - support for voice communication using the internet protocol (IP) address. Message care is another available tool, through which the system can remotely manage the sending of statements and other documents by fax. Regarding this service, which is based on customer service experience, the Company eventually propose to clients the implementation of cross-selling and up-selling strategies. The customer service solutions are organized in interactive voice response (IVR), personal services (B2C and B2B), technical support, field support and support operations.


Service focused on the supply of solutions to attract new consumers to clients (using either an active, receptive or mixed approach). This service makes for the leveraging of the Company’s revenue, as the interactions generate new business for clients. In these operations Liq prioritizes (i) efficient contact with the use of automatic dialing and improvement to contact lists; and (ii) service quality, promoted by the recruitment of professionals and periodic training.

Credit Recovery.

The Company elaborates strategies alongside its clients for the maximization of results and the retention of clients. Liq acts from the development of the collection strategy until its effective execution, utilizing mailing filters, automatic dialers and other automatic contact tools such as voice mail and short message service (SMS), usually sent to mobile phones to maximize the odds of contacting the client, as well as behavior models that classify the risk of each client and identify the most efficient interaction technique. For constant performance improvement, pilot-programs are utilized to test the statistical efficiency of certain tools and strategies. The bonus policy, based on success fee, also contributes to efficiency in collection operations.


The Company provides retention services by convincing the non-cancellation of a service or through observation of the behavior of consumers and execution of preventive measures to avoid cancellations. This service has a relevant added value, as it allows the client to identify the main reasons leading to consumer dissatisfaction and adopt the adequate strategy to discourage the cancellation flow for products and services.

Technical Support.

The Company offers complete technical support related to its products. The service includes, for example, call answering for the correction of problems with consumption products, help with software and hardware problems, support for the clients of internet service providers (ISP) for dial-up access and broadband access, and IT help desk management for legal entities. Services for field technicians at contracting companies are also offered. In these services Liq employs qualified personnel with specialized technical education and dedicated teams.

Multi-Channel Services.

There is a growing trend that the relationship with the consumer must be done on different channels, from social networks to instant messaging applications to the direct contact with brand representatives at points of sale. The Company offers integrated solutions that allow a combination of channels, helping the client to strategically define the relationship and measurement of results.

Information & Technology.

The Company offers solutions linked to partial or complete outsourcing of the technological environment of a customer service center, telemarketing and/or collection.