At Liq sustainability is a transformation tool, which directly contributes to the social, environmental, and economic balance as well as to business perpetuity. Moreover, it allows us to build long-lasting, safe and reliable relationships between people, or companies and people.

Always aware of sustainable development, the Company constantly improves and creates initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental impacts.

Environmental Activities

Contributing to the development of a sustainable society is also Liq’s role.

  • Energy: conscious usage and 76% of the Company’s consumption is from wind power, biomass or small hydroelectric power plants.
  • Operational units in Rio Branco and João Pessoa: reuse of Rainwater and energy-saving processes (ground floor building, natural lighting, etc.)
  • In 2014, the Company was awarded with the QualiEsco Prize for its power efficiency project at the Fortaleza operational unit, where it reduced 113 tonnes of CO2 in one year.

Liq Qualifica

Liq qualifies its employees for life.

Liq Qualifica is a partnership with Instituto Aliança and the University of Ceará that aims to contribute to the qualification and professional improvement of the Company’s young employees, providing guidance for the construction of their life projects.

The Project, which started in November of 2015, certified employees who had the opportunity to learn more on social and emotional skills, strengthening of self-esteem, and mastering reading, writing and entrepreneurship skills. In 2016, the Project was awarded with the Caio Prize for Sustainability.

Partnership with Teleton

Liq is proud of its partnership with Teleton in the fundraising for AACD

Liq offers its expertise and operational structure to support Teleton, the fund raising for the Association for the Assistance of Disabled Children (AACD). Liq’s employees volunteer in the event, receiving the calls from donors all over Brazil.