Liq introduces itself to the CRM BPO market and revolutionizes customer service with all-line solutions

Contax updates its brand strategy to become Liq, the only company in the industry present during the entire customer relationship journey, with on-line and off-line approaches. Liq presents itself to the CRM BPO market as a benchmark and revolutionizes customer service with all-line solutions.

In view of the current scenario in which consumers are the protagonists in consumer relations, the Company updates its position and vision of the future, monitoring market evolution, and becomes Liq. The definition of the brand is a neologism created based on the contraction of the word "liquid". A short, modern and disruptive name that enhances the Company’s adaptability, fluidity and dynamism.

The evolution of the positioning reflects the organizational changes that have been implemented in the Company, with operational turnaround process, corporate simplification and the creation of the Innovation Center. The change will not only be perceived in the name or brand aesthetics, which adopts a new visual identity where connection lines join points and unite all its letters in a fluid way, but throughout the Company, with a change in the culture, values and mindset. This is Liq: a company that perfectly fits customers’ needs and naturally occupies new spaces.

If before brand loyalty was a result of product or service attributes, today consumers are increasingly demanding and connected and choose products and services considering the best experience provided. As a natural consequence of this organizational change, the Company expects to strengthen its performance in Multi-channel Trade Marketing.

With a deep understanding of human behavior, the Company challenges itself daily to design experiences of really significant brands using technology and multichannel tools. Through an all-line approach that integrates voice, presence and digital services, Liq is the only company in the sector present during the entire customer relationship journey, becoming the best alternative for companies that want enhance the way they relate with customers.

Liq’s DNA aims to strengthen the relationship of the brands with their consumers. It works implementing technology, but mainly enhancing relationships. The Company has adopted a dynamic approach that is open to the changes that are yet to come. Liq was already born as a market benchmark; the Company’s objective is to implement intelligent connections that allow analyzing millions of all-line interactions with consumers.

Liq seeks to identify opportunities and offer solutions that see human beings as the main focus. The valuation of professionals, as well as the incentive to contributions of new inspiring ideas, is essential for business sustainability. The Company’s purpose is not focusing on technologies only, but associating them with a human, specialized and quality service.